About us

We at Zoom Factory are working towards increasing knowledge of people regarding one of the most famous CMS i.e. Joomla. Our prime concern is introducing the website owners with the effective way to build and manage their sites. We specialize in determining the types of plugin and modules adopted by Joomla and notify to the users about the ways to download or apply the modules or extensions on their websites.

Modules of Joomla

Our motto is to give you details with regards to the following:

We specialize in determining the types of plugin and modules adopted by Joomla and notify to the users about the ways to download or apply the modules or extensions on their websites.


Is a commercial opensource component software for the Joomla.

Breezing Forms

Create any kind of feedback form in minutes or complex form applications.


Simplifies the management of multilingual sites – it is much easier to use than the default.

Community Builder

Build a social community with your Joomla site!

Shack Forms

The easiest and most powerful way to add forms for your Joomla site.


A popular Joomla extension for presenting events and conferences online.

Advanced Module Manager

Take control over modules in Joomla!


A powerful & responsive Joomla Shopping Cart / e-Commerce extension.


JFBConnect Social Network integration for Joomla.

Phoca Gallery

Phoca Gallery is an open source project, an image gallery run in Joomla!

Why Choose Us?

If you own a website then you need to choose us as you can get complete guidance regarding building a site that is accessible, secured, attractive and manageable. Many of us have completely forgotten about the contribution made by Joomla to millions of website in the year 2010, however, a sudden downfall has compelled us to choose WordPress for CMS. Well, both the platforms like Joomla and WordPress has helped website owners to take control over the design and overall set up of their website, but when it comes to Joomla, you are at a complete gain.

We can help you to build a website with the help of extensive range of templates, modules, user-friendly content and editing option. With Joomla, you can get an opportunity to any time edit your content or other features.

With us, you can stay at a complete ease of knowing about the extensive features of Joomla and the process to download it. At Zoom Factory, we always try to enable our visitors to bring innovative changes in their site and this innovation starts with Joomla.

Values Associated With Joomla

Joomla is perhaps one of the major catalysts behind a site’s high ranking. The reason is when you try to design your website in the more user friendly and attractive manner; you can get a golden opportunity to transform visitors into customers.

Some of the Valuable Features of Joomla are:

  • It has three-tiered system for managing content. With its help, the web visitors are able to rate the articles or even download them in PDF version for future reference.
  • Multiple protocols are sure to ensure complete authentication set up. Protocols like Google mail, LDAP or OpenID is known to support users.
  • In fact, registration procedures help in understanding the person who tries to login into your website. There are even options for administering, publishing and editing.
  • With Joomla, one can easily establish a client profile and try to use banners. Addition of banner can be accompanied with special URLs or impression numbers.

Our Blogs

Our blogs are of extensive nature and written by professional writers. Blogs on the market share and extensive modules of Joomla can be assimilated by the users and definitely of immense help. They are meant to increase your knowledge depth regarding content management system like Joomla. You can also know about the basic differences that are registered between two customized CMS platforms and these are WordPress and Joomla.

Hence, it can be said that by visiting our website you are sure to download Joomla for designing our website.