After a major setback, Joomla has come up with its wide range of modules that are allowing users to increase visitors on their website. Administering becomes quite crucial while managing a website in an effective manner. Nowadays, one cannot think about building a website without the latest modules of Joomla. Joomla directory can allow you to enjoy specific benefits.

Why Opt For Joomla Extensions?

Now, you might be thinking about why Joomla? The answer is bringing an ease into browsing. While searching on internet, a person is required to look for specific keywords but in case you do not have that specific keyword then it might not give you a desired search result. However, if you are with Joomla then you are free from such hassles as their extensive modules help you to the end for keywords instead you can browse through categories. When we try to adopt category browsing then you are able to get exact search results.

With Joomla, you can search for extensions that have a high rating amongst Joomla community. One can get complete assurance from these extensions as they are already tested by users.

Increase Your Understanding About Extensions

Well, before you choose your extension, try to understand some of the basic differences between nuances of extensions. Have a look at the following scope or functionalities of Joomla’s extensions.

  • One of the crucial as well as complicated extensions is component. It is generally found in the main page and is adorned with both back and front-end views.
  • Plugins are perhaps one of the most basic channels of communication among the various extensions. Mostly, the ecommerce is filled with modules as well as certain components that showcase main highlights like products or some special offers.
  • Some extensions that offer extra module and payment gateway plugin are one such feature.
  • Modules can be taken as a commonly used extension. One can easily get them either in the footer or in the sidebar position of the template. One can easily allow their users to get latest articles.

Joomla Extensions And Its Features

Are you still confused regarding choosing Joomla? If yes, then you might not have checked its extensions. Please go through the below-mentioned lost of extensions adopted by Joomla:

Akeeba Backup

Imagine a situation when you open your website and find that all your important data has lost. Really, it is a difficult situation but with Joomla you can bring ease to such problem by their backup formats. Akeeba backup has the capability to provide reliable support to your site.

Advanced Module Manager

If you choose Joomla, then you are able to assign module to a large number of menu items.


OSDownloads can be called an effective way to include downloads option on your website. Well, for enjoying this feature, you have to give social or email addresses.

JCH Optimize

Often slow downloading speed annoys your site visitors and it ultimately reduces your customer base. With the help of JCH optimize, HTTP requests are reduced and remove the presence of unintended bugs.

Differences Between Free And Paid Joomla Extensions

This is perhaps the most frequently asked questions by the users who find it quite confusing. Generally, our purchase decisions are guided by price and if we take a close view of the two options of Joomla extensions i.e. free and paid then you have to choose one based on their features.

Free do not make the extension poor rather the Free Joomla extensions mainly do not use any professional support. This indicates to the fact that for using the free version one need to have a sound knowledge about the basic components of the extensions.

However, the paid version has adequate professional assistance by the experts. So, if you choose the paid one then get relief from handling all the issues surrounding your website. Nonetheless, features are an important point that also to be considered while making a choice between the two versions.

Hence, it can be said that Joomla, with its latest and wide variety of extensions are helping website owners’ to ensure flexibility and add professionalism to their webpage.