Joomla is one of the leading CMS setups for web designing. There are a number of websites which use Joomla as the designer. Given their credibility and esteem, Joomla can be considered as one of the most reliable CMSs in the world. In accordance with the outlook of the websites, you can be clear upon the fact that Joomla delivers some of the most exciting features in terms of designing.

Here, some of the prominent websites are given which use Joomla as the CMS solution. You can get detailed information about which version of Joomla they use and the features which are used by them.

The Alliance For Catholic Education- University Of Notre Dame

The ACE is an educational organization that uses the Joomla CMS for their official website. The version of Joomla used by them is 2.5. The Cloudbase template from the Cloud access is used by the website. The designs and the graphics are outstanding for this site. Some featured extensions are Core Design, Rocktabs and GCalender.


It is obvious that the official website of Joomla must be designed in the same CMS. The version of the CMS is 1.5. The template of the website is customized by Ledbetter and Gisclair from pixel praise. This website has got a lot of reach among the audience of the Joomla community. Some of the major extensions used by this website are Phoca Documentation, JomSocial, K2 etc.

Harvard University- The Graduate School Of Arts And Sciences

As one of the globally acclaimed universities, the Harvard University uses the Joomla CMS for their official website. The version of the website is 2.5. The only featured extension used is K2. It is used mainly to announce the important news of the university. The website also acts as a help desk for the students and the visitors.

MTV Greece

MTV Greece is the Greek version of the famous music channel of MTV. As a music and television channel website, the MTC Greece needs a large number of segments and pages. The Joomla CMS has efficiently helped in the wonderful outlook of the website. The version of the Joomla is 1.5. It uses a customized template. The extensions used are Frontpage, Slideshow, K2 and custom code.

The Fashion Spot

This is the website of an online community which is fashion-centric. The website deals with trend spotting, models, designers, photographers etc. The Joomla version used by this website is 1.5. The main featured extensions used to design the website are Front-page and Slideshow.


Guggenheim is one of the renowned art museums which use the Joomla CSM for their official website. The version of Joomla is 1.5. The main extension used for the designing of the website is JomComment. The template is customized efficiently by Matt Zur in Society.

It Wire

It Wire is a website which delivers the news for the professionals related to the industry. The Joomla version is 1.5 in case of this website too. The template is designed by Mail Caster and the extensions are Disqus Comment, Lof article slideshow.

Thus, these are some of the websites which use the Joomla CMS for designing and are definitely happy with it!