Which is Better- Joomla or WordPress?

A website owner is well aware of the significance of content management. In this age of competition, continuously updating of contents on websites is crucial for retaining customers.

Modules of Joomla

Our motto is to give you details with regards to the following:

We specialize in determining the types of plugin and modules adopted by Joomla and notify to the users about the ways to download or apply the modules or extensions on their websites.


Is a commercial opensource component software for the Joomla.

Breezing Forms

Create any kind of feedback form in minutes or complex form applications.


Simplifies the management of multilingual sites – it is much easier to use than the default.

Community Builder

Build a social community with your Joomla site!

Shack Forms

The easiest and most powerful way to add forms for your Joomla site.


A popular Joomla extension for presenting events and conferences online.

Advanced Module Manager

Take control over modules in Joomla!


A powerful & responsive Joomla Shopping Cart / e-Commerce extension.


JFBConnect Social Network integration for Joomla.

Phoca Gallery

Phoca Gallery is an open source project, an image gallery run in Joomla!

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The Competing Alternatives In The Twenty-First Century

The CMS Solutions are used in the present time for executing the website designing.

There are a number of websites designing CMS setups. They come for free and thus are widely credible among a large number of users. There are some distinct features of the leading CMS solutions. They can meet the users’ desires in terms of different proposes.

I started developing in Joomla around a decade ago and I’d never turn back

The learning curve is steeper than WordPress but the functionality and customization blows WP out of the water.

Edwin Wilson, Developer

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