As a website owner, you are aware of the fact that how plugins are crucial for your website. Plugins help a website to prevent overloading due to presence of large number of servers. Mostly, digital marketing have made it compulsory to use wide array of modules for offering good experience to the visitors. Know more about the most popular module used today. In fact, a website with less buffer, quick download options and regular updates can win over the customers.

In case, you find that your plugins are unable to turn your visitors into customers then change it immediately. You can look for the latest plugins used by Joomla that is helping millions of website owners. If you are unable to find the rightful resource to know about the plugins or module adopted by joomla then have a look at the below-mentioned list of sites that you can refer.

It is the official site of Joomla, whereby you can get details regarding the plugins. This site can allow you to increase your knowledge regarding different types of extensions. In order to give specific results to the visitors, this site provides a list of browse extensions like those compatible with J4 Alpha, top rated and the ones that are widely reviewed by the users.

It might help you to take a rightful decision in choosing their plugins. In fact, visitors can able to obtain information on the search sites and its features along with scores. The score can enable one to select best put of them.

This site has rating of about 3.5 and you can find out information about the top Joomla extension that strikes as useful for the business websites. Here you can get a list of top seven extensions used by Joomla for ensuring accessibility of a site. It simplifies your search and gets the best. Each of the plugins and its features is demonstrated vividly. One can even get download options after each of the described extension.

Most of us face problems while choosing a good template for our website and so, this site specifies the difference between premiums and free template of Joomla. However, to get this information you have to click on the review option.

If you are not finding the right way to get details regarding Joomla extension like its features, advantages, installation methods and price then nothing can be better than You can get excellent opportunity to go through all the 17 extensions that Joomla uses in a nutshell. In most of the sites, you will find that there is no such description of process involved in downloading the plugins.

Well, this feature is in Collective Ray as you can find downloading options below each of the extensions. The stepwise demonstration allows you to ensure that you are able to apply it without the need of any professional. The prices that are mentioned after each of the extension names are good for comparison. If you refer to this site, you are likely to get good search results.

The list of high rated Joomla extensions is available at Regular Labs. The best part of referring to this website is that it allows you to get all the free extensions. In fact, some pro versions that you can hardly find in any other site informing about these extensions are available here. After each of the extension, you will get two options like pro and free along with prices in terms of pro. It is mainly endorsed by Joomla project.

Those who intends to get sufficient information regarding the various type of plugins that Joomla uses for attracting your visitors instantly. Stack over flow is one such site where you can know about the types of plugin like quick icons, captcha, authentication, editor, finder, extensions etc. There are number of questions given at the bottom of this age, which might resolve your queries regarding joomla’s plugin and extensions. A sound knowledge regarding the plugins is sure to ease your task of choosing joomla without any confusion.

Therefore, it is a viable choice to opt for Joomla as it has hub of security features that are associated with plugins. The list of sites will definitely help you to gather sufficient information regarding the different types of extensions and plugins used in joomla.